Don't miss this opportunity to enroll in or make changes to your benefits.
Here are important dates to remember:

November 28, 2016

Annual benefits enrollment begins.

December 9, 2016

Annual benefits enrollment ends at 5 PM CST for all employees.

January 1, 2017

Your 2017 benefit elections take effect and remain in effect until December 31, 2017.

Do you need to enroll?

Yes, you need to enroll if you wish to have benefits for 2017. Your 2016 benefits will NOT carry forward to 2017. If you wish to waive participation in all of the plans offered, you will have that option. To enroll or to waive all, choose your Company below and click ENROLL/WAIVE ALL to log into Infor Employee Service.

Before you enroll or decline all ...

  •   Consider your healthcare needs.
  •   For details about all of your benefit choices, select your company below and download the Benefits Guide.
  •   You need this information to complete the enrollment process:

Your Name, Address, Phone Numbers,
E-mail Address, Social Security Number.

If you are enrolling your spouse and/or dependent children you need their
Social Security numbers and dates of birth.

How to Enroll

Torchmark Corporation, United American, Globe Life, American Income Life, Family Heritage Life, and Liberty National Home Office employees will be able to enroll or waive all using the Infor self-service portal. Instructions are as follows:

#1)Login in to Infor (formerly Lawson). Click on the icon at the top of the screen to access Employee Self-Service.
#2)Select Open Enrollment Step 1 - Verify Personal Info. If your address has changed, close the window, select Address Change under Life Events on Employee Self Service, and update your address. If your birth date, gender, or ethnicity is incorrect, contact the Human Resources Department.
#3)Select Open Enrollment Step 2 - Update Dependent Info. Add any dependents for 2017 coverage. Be sure to enter Social Security numbers.
#4)Select Open Enrollment Step 3 - Enroll/Waive All. Follow through the screens to enroll in coverage or waive all. You will have the option to print off your enrollment selections confirmation, when you complete and submit the enrollment. You will also receive a confirmation email.
After you complete the online enrollment, you can update/change your enrollment options until December 9, 2016.
Field Employees of Liberty National Life and American Income Life
can complete their enrollment elections online via an online form by
simply clicking the appropriate 'Enroll/Waive All' button below,
under 'Field Employees'.

Enroll Now